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Medico Legal Consultation Process


The process begins with your question concerning emergency medical care provided. Was there a deviation from the generally accepted medical standards?


After an initial phone consultation medical records, or electronic access should be forwarded by the legal representative of the patient, healthcare providers;or risk manager of the hospital facility involved in the care event.


To provide an objective closed review of potential liability. Ideally, this opinion is provided, as a confidential consultation protected by attorney client privilege and work product exemption.


Work Product

There are two work products options offered:

1.Opinion letter:  Preliminary summary document allowing definitive litigation decision-making concerning liability.

2.Comprehensive case review. Case analysis and referenced evidence based medical standard review.

Case Analysis and Reference

Evidence based medical standard review


The opinion letter is provided at a flat rate consultative retainer, while the comprehensive review is billed out at a conventional hourly rate.

Expert Testimony

An experienced clinical emergency medicine and critical care medicine provider will be provided to complete the process, if expert testimony is required.

Comprehensive Litigation Support

Additional consultative services provided can include  interrogatory review, deposition consultation, litigation planning and strategy, expert report critique, opposing case analysis and trial simulation event.