Rade B. Vukmir MD, JD    FCCP, FACEP, FACHE


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Dr Vukmir, Chief Clinical Officer; has extensive experience in the Medical-Legal arena involving emergency medicine and critical care medicine patient care , having served as Chief Clinical. He has provided authoritative medical malpractice case review, professional liability standard of care analysis, medical care clinical case consultations, comprehensive medical record and electronic health record(EHR) review. His expertise clearly involves higher acuity, more complicated cases and unique presentations of common disease.

His risk management experience is extensive having served a prolonged as Chief Clinical Officer of one of the largest Emergency Medicine Risk Retention Groups. Here he performed hundreds of case reviews and analysis establishing individual and system based risk mitigation  recommendations. These findings were then through educational efforts translated into risk awareness and prevention programs. 

He has significant research expertise with experience in study design, operational oversight and scientific analysis. This work culminated in the authorship of hundreds of scientific publications, books, chapters and symposia.               

This body of work extended into the Peer Review and Credentialing arena. He has provided case standard of care review in specific problematic, complex cases and conventional External Peer Review(EPR) services in Emergency, Urgent Care and Critical Care Medicine cases.

The natural extension was Process Improvement and Operations Analysis in both Emergency Medicine, Urgent and Critical Care.  Expertise in adverse and sentinel event analysis is offered. Here, departmental and integrated hospital operations are analyzed for both safety, risk management and operational efficiency. 

He also serves as a national media consultant and subject matter experts on a wide variety of acute care, emergency and critical care medical and legal issues.